Primary results Robot crawler
Organic listings also influenced by Yahoo! Directory
Ways to submit site Paid submittal to Yahoo! Directory, paid inclusion, or wait for the robot to spider you
Pay-per-click services Yahoo! Search Marketing (YSM)
Other tools Local search,Yahoo! Mobile,Web 2.0 search

Local Listing

  • Yahoo Local Search
  • Paid ads are much more prominent on Yahoo Local than on Google.
  • Local listings available only for USA for the moment.
  • You will need a Yahoo account to list your business
  • You can sign up for either a Local Enhanced Listing or for a Local Featured Listing. Both services are flat-fee.

Yahoo Answers

  • It's a question-and-answer service.
  • Your use of YA is based around a profile page. Your profile page is where you (and any other user) can see your activity and points earned while using Yahoo Answers. The important part is that you’re allowed to include a link in your profile.
  • if you use Yahoo! Answers wisely, there are opportunities to get direct referral traffic and indirect search traffic thanks to YA pages appearing in the SERPs.
  • You can add RSS feeds of your favorite categories.
  • It's better to answer questions that are "hot", meaning that have many answers.
  • Always sign your name when leaving an answer. Don't do it if your answer is off-topic. So if you are an expert on SEO and you answer something for your local town for example, don't leave your signature there.

How to Market on Flickr

I included this topic here since flickr is part of Yahoo! The information is based on the article How to Market on Flickr

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