Wordpress Security

Always Update

  • Always update Wordpress, plugins and themes to close up any security loopholes.

File Permissions

  • To find out the suggested file permissions you can install the wordpress plugin Bulletproof Security
  • Then, you can fix file permissions using an FTP client or a terminal.
  • Always make sure that your wp-config.php file is set to 750.

Backup your database

  • With a cron job
  • with plugins such as WordPress Database Backup or xCloner.

Delete the admin User

  • Create a new user with administrator settings
  • Delete the old admin username.

Use Security Plugins

  • Bulletproof Security
  • Secure Wordpress

Download Pluings/Themes from Wordpress or another reputable site

  • Don't use non reputable sites.


  • Use a difficult password.
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