Windows Forms

All About Windows Forms

In VB .NET, the support for Windows forms is in the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and the form class is System.Windows.Forms.Form.

The Form class itself is based on the Control class, which means that forms share a lot of the properties and methods that controls do.

At the top of the form is the title bar, which displays the form's title.
At right in the title bar is the control box, including the minimizing/maximizing buttons and the close button.
Under the title bar comes the menu bar, if there is one.
Under the menu bar, forms can have toolbars.
The main area of a form-the area where everything takes place-is called the client area.
The whole form is surrounded by a border.
The important class for Windows forms is the Form class in the System.Windows.Forms namespace. Each form in this namespace is an instance (that is, an object) of that class.



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