Visual Studio Projects And Solutions


A project is a container for all the things that make up a program. All the files for a project are stored in the project folder and information can be found in an XML file with the extension .vcproj

A solution is a mechanism for bringing together all the programs and other resources that represent a solution to a particulat data processing problem. Information about the projects in a solution is stored in two files with the extensions .sln and .suo.

Files Created when building a project

File Extension Description
.exe Executable file for the program. You get this file only if the compile and link steps are successful.
.obj The compiler produces these object files containing machine code from your program source files. There are used by the linker, along with the files from the libraries to produce the.exe file
.ilk File used by the linker when you rebuild your project.
.pch Pre-compiled header file. With pre-compiled headers, lots of code that will not change, can be processed once and stored in this file
.pdb File that contains debugging information that is used when you execute the program in debug mode.
.idb Contains information used when you rebuild the solution.
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