Usability Test

Ways to perform a website usability test

Five Second Test

Run a quick free page usability poll:

  • make a screenshot of a web page you want to test;
  • upload it to Five Second Test site and grab the link of your test;
  • spread the link (via social media, for example): people will be offered to look at your screenshot for 5 seconds and then write down 5 things they managed to remember;
  • receive service email messages with the people’s answers;
  • collect the messages and then organize the data to define most outstanding (easier to remember) elements of the web page.

Heat Map

Feng-Gui shows you the heat map of any image you submit. Feng-GUI creates heatmaps based on an algorithm that predicts what a real human would be most likely to look at.

This algorithm is based on:

  • color;
  • orientation;
  • density, contrast;
  • intensity;
  • size;
  • closure;
  • curve.

Usability checklist

Make sure you follow the rules of this list.

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