Track What Others Are Saying About Your Blog

You should check daily what others are saying about your blog.

An easy way to keep track is by creating a new folder in your rss reader and adding the following rss items:

  1. Technorati Watchlists - a ‘watchlist’ is a tool that Technorati offers for you to watch different keywords or URLs. Simply login to Technorati and go to their Watchlist page and enter the keyword or URL you want to monitor. It will then give you an RSS feed that you can subscribe to for each term or URL. Subscribe to it and add it to your Vanity Folder.
  2. Google News - Google News allows you to track different search terms via RSS also. Simply go to Google News and do a search for the term you want to track. You’ll get the latest appearance of that term in the results - but at the bottom of the left hand sidebar are some feed options including an ‘RSS’ link.
  3. Google Blog Search: The same service is available to you Google’s Blog Search. The only difference is that Google Blog Search tracks blogs only whereas Google News tracks mainstream media (and some blogs).
  4. Bloglines Search - if you use Bloglines as your news reader it has a search feature that allows you to be notified of any mention of certain keywords.
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