Seo Pricing

Prices start from around 100 euro per month per website. Site's can take anywhere from three months upwards to rank in and around the top position's in search engines engines depending on the competition of the chosen keywords.

Once we have researched your site and keywords we give you an estimated timescale of when we think we can get each keyword into the top rankings of Google. You are then free to pick and choose which keywords you would like us to start with.

We have suitable payment plans available for each individual project and discounts available for multiple websites. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get a quote today.

Normal Plan Intermediate Plan Advanced plan
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Each and every project is unique in its own right and therefore will always be different, but here is a run-through example to give you a good idea of all the detail that goes into our SEO campaigns:
Stage 1

Install Google Analytics - Used to track traffic and visitors. SEO is not just about rankings it is also about increasing your sites traffic from your target audience

Install Google Sitemap - Used to make sure Google bot-crawls your site correctly.

Start Date Ranking Report - So we know exactly where your rankings are before we start the campaign. There is no hiding place for us then! We can always show you where your rankings were before we started the work and where they are now at any given moment in time.

Onsite Changes Report - We will go through your site thoroughly and report back on any errors/changes we find from an onsite SEO point of view; these include things like meta tags, body text, link structure etc
Stage 2

LSI Content Writing - Latent Semantic Indexing is one of the latest techniques that the Google Algorithm as recently put more emphasis upon when determining its main ranking factors.

Directory/Article Link Building - Depending on your site, we usually start our link building campaign this way. We only use quality directories that we know will have a good effect on your rankings.

Blog Link Building - Blog links are becoming more popular by the day. We will get your site quality- thematic-links from Blogs that are directly related to your sites industry subject matter.
Stage 3

One Way Thematic PR Links - One way related Page Rank links are by far the most powerful links you can get for your site to increase your rankings. When your sites link profile foundations have been laid in stages 1 & 2 above, stage 3 will ensure we push your rankings well into the top 10!

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