Seo Maintenance

Reducing Bounce Rate

Quality content

Keep track of what keyword referrals your visitors are using to get to your page and then capitalize on them.

  • Test your website: Testing will reveal any confusing navigation.
  • Always expose next steps: follow-up links, see-also links and related articles.
  • Use language according to your target audience.
  • Update your content regularly

Site Design

  • Clear design will help visitors find their way through the website.
  • Put Your Best Content Forward:


Check your backlinks regularly. Maybe you are getting links from sources irrelevant to your website.

Using Google Analytics* Go to Content > Top Content.

  • Click on bounce rate. You should see the pages with high bounce rate on top.
  • Scroll the list, get to the bottom and choose a few pages that are getting good pageviews and low bounce rate.
  • Compare the two section of pages, the pages with high bounce rates and the pages with low bounce rates.
  • Check for any differences. What do you think is good in low bounce rate pages and what do you think is annoying in high bounce rate pages?

Site Speed

Pages should load fast.


The main factor of bounce is the fact that a page on which one arrives does not correspond to what one search on the engine. It is so necessary to select keywords which are more appropriate for the contents.

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