Seo Keywords

Keyword Research


  • Brainstorming: Thinking of what your customers/potential visitors would be likely to type in to search engines.
  • Surveying Customers: To have a better idea of what's likely to be the biggest traffic drivers and produce the highest conversion rates.
  • Keyword Tools: Using these tools can offer concrete data about trends in keyword selection.
  • Term Selection: Create a chart that analyzes the terms you believe are valuable and compares traffic, relevancy, and the likelihood of conversions for each.
  • Performance Testing and Analytics: After keyword selection and implementation of targeting, analytics programs can be used to further refine keyword selection.



  1. Keyword brainstorming: Put down everything you think is related to your business. Remember to make use of localized terms and use geographical keyword modifiers if needed.
  2. Utilize keyword stemming: Create additional combinations based on the keyword stemming.
  3. Make use of generic keyword modifiers: Further keyword combinations.
  4. Continue by finding related keywords. Synonyms or semantically related keywords.
    1. Use Google's ~ operator.
    2. Use Google's * operator. The star operator is interpreted as any single term preceding or following the specified term.
    3. Find synonyms with office software.
    4. Using search engine keyword suggestions and related searches

Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tools

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

2 ways

  • You can use your own keywords
  • specify a particular URL from which to obtain your ideas.

Google Trends

The Google Trends platform provides performance timelines for your keywords.

Google Insights for Search

You can use Google Insights when comparing keyword performance in specific world regions.

Microsoft adcenter Labs

Entity association graph

graphical representation of co-occurrences of entries in search queries or search sessions.

Keyword group detection

Shows words that are related to or similar to keywords entered on the keyword group form.

Keyword mutation detection

This tool produces mispellings and alternative spellings.

Keyword forecast

Predicts keyword searches and the associated demographic distribution of entered keywords.

Yahoo! keyword tools

Yahoo Research



Yahoo! Search Marketing

Shows keywords that Yahoo Searh marketing suggested based on specific keywords.

Other keyword research tools


Evaluate your Keywords

Estimating Keyword competition

Google provides three useful operators. inititle: inurl: and inanchor:.
You want to target keywords that have a relatively low number of indexed URLS.

Finalizing the Keyword List

You can start implementing your keyword strategy by pushing all new content at once, or by creating a scheduled content strategy.

Keyword Placement Opportunities

  • Invisible: Words that do not display on the pages
    • Meta keyword tag
    • Meta description tag
    • Alt image tag.
  • Visible text: Words you put in pages for visitors to see.
    • Page title
    • H1, H2
    • Content
    • Link text
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