Python Eggs


A Python egg is a way of distributing Python packages.

Python eggs are a way of bundling additional information with a Python project, that allows the project's dependencies to be checked and satisfied at runtime, as well as allowing projects to provide plugins for other projects.

To install them you need |easy_install

Location of Python Eggs

A popular website is [|PyPI]

Install an Egg

There are two ways.

  1. Downloading the egg and calling: easy_install package.egg
  2. Using the URL directly: easy_install

Eggs can define dependencies on other packages which easy_install will then try to automatically download and install aswell.

Creating Python Eggs

A package includes the file that has metadata about the package.
To create an egg distribution you can call
python bdist_egg.
This will create an egg distribution file which you can find in dist/eventlet-0.1-py2.4.egg.

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