Personal Pronouns


Usually, you don't need to use personal pronouns. So, ─░nglizim is enough to say I am English. However, you do need to use onlar when you say they.

The Simple Forms

ben - I
sen - you
o - He, she, it

biz - we
siz -you - plural and polite singular
onlar -they

Endings and Personal Pronouns

personal pronoun + -i / de / -e / -den

When a personal pronoun is the direct object of a verb, you give it an -i ending.

Direct object to at/on/in from
ben beni bana bende benden
sen seni sana sende senden
o onu ona onda ondan
biz bizi bize bizde bizden
siz sizi size sizde sizden
onlar onlar─▒ onlara onlarda onlardan
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