Meeting People


Merhaba! (Hello)

günaydın (good morning)

iyi ğünler ( good day(s) )

iyi akşamlar (good evening(s) )

iyi geceler (good night(s) )

hoşça kalın (bye bye)

When meeting someone

Memnun oldum (Nice to meet you)

Tanıştığımıza memnun oldum (Nice to meet you)

Adınız ne? (What's your name?)
Benim ismim Chrys. (My name is Chrys)

Nerelisiniz? (where are you from?)
Londralıyım (From London)

Hoş geldiniz (welcome)
Hoş bulduk (happy to be here)

Accept/Decline offers

To accept: teşekkür
To refuse: lütfen


Afiyet olsun! (to some who is eating or has just finished eating - may there be appetite)

Elinize sağlık! (to someone who has made you a meal - health to your hands)

Kolay genlsin! (to someone working - may it come easy)

How to say thank you

sağ olun : be healthy, be strong - is used as - thank you for a service which was not necessarily needed to be performed or for which someone has gone out of his way to help you.

teşekkür ederim: is used in normal circumstances and receiving presents.

Addressing People

Beyendi (Sir)
Hanımefendi (Madam)
Efendi (Sir/Madam)

You can use Bey and Hanım after someone's job title.
John Bey (Mr John)
Marıa Hanım (Mrs Maria)


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