Market Research

Finding Markets

Choosing the right market is a matter for evaluating the internal factors (value proposition and resources) and the external ones (supply and demand forces).

How to find buyers:

  1. Think in Terms of Needs and Wants: A product or a service must address a need.
  2. Seek Desperate Buyers: There are desperate buyers in most markets. You have to offer them a product or service that will solve their problems, thus creating value.
  3. Find Where People Already Spend Money

Websites and Resources for Research

You can analyze the marketplaces that we will cover below to get product ideas, and to gauge the overall competitiveness and saturation of any given market.

  • Yahoo Answers: You can use this site to find the problems that people are trying to solve.
  • Commissions Junction: Marketing network.
  • ClickBank
  • Sitepoint Marketplace: People sell websites. You can get details about the website, the business model and the revenue.
  • Sponsored Results in Google: Search in Google for keywords related to a niche. Afterwards you can check the "Sponsored Links".
  • AdWords Keyword Tool
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