Introduction To Networks

As our ability to gather, process, and distribute information grows, the demand for ever more sophisticated information processing grows even faster.

Computer Networks: A large number of separate but interconnected computers. A collection of autonomous computers interconnected by a single technology.

Uses of Computer Networks

Business Applications

The issue is resource sharing, and the goal is to make all programs, equipment, and especially data available to anyone on the network without regard to the physical location of the resource and the user.
Even more important is sharing information. The data are stored on powerful computers called servers. The clients, remotely access data. This whole arrangement is called the client-server model.

Home Applications

People use personal computers for many reasons.

Forms of e-commerce:

  • B2B: Business-to-Business
  • B2C: Business-to-Consumer
  • G2C: Government-to-Consumer
  • C2C: Consumer-to-Consumer
  • P2P: Peer-to-Peer

Mobile Users

Mobile computers, such as notebook computers and personal digital assistants (PDAs), are one of the fastest-growing segments of the computer industry. Although wireless networking and mobile computing are often related, they are not identical

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