Informix Ids


Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) is an extensible Relational Database Management System.


  • Dynamic Server Enterprise Edition: Fully featured and the only edition to feature Enterprise Replication (ER) and the new Remote Secondary Server (RSS) feature available from IDS V11 onwards.
  • Informix Dynamic Server Workgroup Edition: Lacking Enterprise Replication (ER) and requiring High-availability Replication (HDR) and the parallel performance feature to be purchased as options, this edition is restricted to 4 CPUs and 8Gb memory.
  • Informix Dynamic Server Express Edition: Available only for 32-bit Intel systems running Windows or Linux, lacking High-availability Data Replication (HDR) and Enterprise Replication (ER), features to facilitate parallel operations, datablades and restricted to 2 CPUs and 4Gb RAM, this edition is aimed at small and medium sized companies.

Components of IDS

IDS OpenAdmin Tool
Informix DataBlade modules
Server Studio

Tools of IDS

  • Informix 4GL: A comprehensive set of high-performance products that enable a fourth-generation application development and production environment.
  • Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK):A single packaging of several application programming interfaces (APIs) for rapid, cost-effective development of applications for IBM Informix servers.
  • Informix Connect: A run-time deployment component that includes the run-time libraries of the APIs which comprise Informix Client SDK.
  • PHP driver for PDO: The IDS PHP Data Objects driver supports PHP 5 enabling developers to take advantage of IDS's object-relational capabilities for developing high-performance web applications.
  • Informix Data Director for Web: A powerful, visually-intuitive development environment that speeds creation of Web-ready, dynamic content management applications.
  • Informix Enterprise Gateway Manager: An SQL-based gateway that allows Informix tools, applications and databases to interoperate transparently with non-Informix databases.
  • Informix Enterprise Gateway Manager with DRDA: Provides a gateway between an Informix client application and IBM Distributed Relational Database Architecture (DRDA)-compliant database servers.
  • Informix ESQL/C: An SQL API for embedding Structured Query Language (SQL) statements directly into a C program.
  • Informix ESQL/COBOL: An SQL API for embedding SQL statements directly into COBOL code.
  • Informix I-Spy: A smart data warehouse monitoring and optimization tool designed for IBM Informix Improves design efficiency; ensures lower maintenance costs.
  • Informix JDBC: A Java database connectivity (JDBC) driver — the JavaSoft specification of a standard API that allows Java programs to access database management systems.
  • Informix MaxConnect: A connection server that improves system scalability and performance by increasing the number of users that can connect simultaneously to an Informix database server.
  • Informix Server Administrator (ISA): A management tool that allows developers to perform system configuration, backup and restore, and system monitoring from any machine with a Web browser.
  • Informix SQL (I-SQL): A database application development system that provides the speed, power and security required by large or small database applications.
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