Informix Demo Database


dbaccess includes the following demonstration databases:

  • The stores_demo database illustrates a relational schema with information about a wholesale sporting-goods distributor.
  • The sales_demo database illustrates a dimensional schema for data-warehousing applications.
  • The superstores_demo database illustrates an object-relational schema. The superstores_demo database contains examples of extended data types, type and table inheritance, and user-defined routines.

Installing demo databases

  • The following command creates a database named stores_demo: dbaccessdemo
  • The following example creates an instance of the stores_demo database named demo_db: dbaccessdemo demo_db
  • The following command initializes the stores_demo database and also initiates log transactions: dbaccessdemo -log
  • The following command creates an instance of the stores_demo database named demo_db in dbspace_2: dbaccessdemo demo_db -dbspace dbspace_2
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