How To Promote Your Blog


  • Join the most relevant social media sites and work to build value. Remember to be sincere, relevant and valuable.


  • Leave "great posts" on other blogs: One of the best ways to get readers early is to leave comments to other blogs. However, you should leave useful comments and not just a line "this is a great post".
  • Email blog authors and asking them to link to your blog: Start reading a blog, commenting on the posts and later you can ask for a link.
  • Join forums simply for promotion: Forums are a great way to drive traffic. But you have to be an active forum user. If you add value to the forum, you will get traffic.
  • Submit all posts to social media sites. Write greate content and you will get recognized in time.
  • Write for search engine. If you write for search engines and not for your readers, you will never be a respected resource.
  • Load your blog with badges. Try to keep it simple.
  • Copy someone else's style or idea. You have to build your own style. People are looking for the original.
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