Getting A Custom Theme

Decide what you need

  • A WordPress theme: Not, just the PSD files.
  • Logo: A high resolution version so that you can use it in printed material.
  • Copyright: You must have full exclusivity. Decide if you will give a backlink to the designer.
  • Testing: Ask for a testing at their sesrver.

Which Elements to Ask

  • Front page
  • Regular internal pages
  • Features internal pages: A good template should allow you to highlight special features.
  • Posts
  • Category pages
  • Search
  • Top tabs
  • Drop-down menus
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Context-dependent sidebar navigation
  • Widget-ready sidebar.
  • Every page must be HTML clean


Ask the designer to provide prototypes before building any HTML or coding the theme. Decide on the color scheme, look and feel, layout and content arrangement.

Graphics design is a creative process and produces subjective results. Leave the creative work to the designer and concentrate my efforts on functionality.


  • All pages are HTML clean. You can use Firefox Html Validator for that.
  • Pages look the same in Firefox and IE7. You can use Browser shots for that.
  • Check a post with/without comments.
  • Check a category page.
  • Check a tag page.
  • Check the search results page.
  • Sidebar supports widgets.
  • Use the site navigation and see that you can get to any page.

Payment and delivery terms

You should agree on payment and delivery terms. Some milestones on the project might be:

  • Prototype design
  • Working Draft
  • Completed design
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