Drigg Permissions

Found under /admin/user/permissions

  • access drigg scoops: User can view scoops.
  • create drigg scoops: User can create drigg scoops.
  • create-as powers in drigg: Users can create scops with a list of user IDs defined in admin/settings/drigg section User IDs a submit-as ….
  • delete drigg scoops: User can delete drigg scoops.
  • drigg ad free site: Currently not used.
  • edit drigg scoops: User can edit drigg scoops.
  • edit own drigg scoops: User has the right permission and the story is not too old. Permission is given if either the story is not promoted or the story is promoted and the user has the ability to edit promoted stories.
  • edit own promoted drigg scoops: User can edit his own promoted scoops.
  • kill drigg scoops: User an kill scoops.
  • no drigg redir for duplicate url: Do not redirect for duplicate urls.
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