Differences Between Django And Ruby On Rails
Difference Django Ruby on Rails
Programming language Python Ruby
Built-in web server internal web server WEBrick
Framework MTV MVC
Model creation of the model in Django (models.py) creation of the tables and columns
Interaction with the Database ability to write your own SQL in the model to access attributes would be split between the schema and Rails model
Packaging system Python Eggs Gems system
Databases Supported Sqlite, MySql , Postgres and Oracle (9i and higher) all the major relational databases
Caching built-in support for a variety of caching options own caching
Testing built-in needs some extra work
Applications pluggable applications ???
URLs Developer has to create controllers manually using regular expressions Automatically generates using routes
Templating Easy to swap to other options rather than the default excellent support for the default
Administration Excellent admin interface Rails scafolding
Debugging extra work to enable logging functionality built-in log


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