Website Design


Q: Why do I want a website?
A: Tutorial for casino players. Tutorials for casino scalping.

Q: Will I need to update the site frequently?
A: Couple times per month.

Q: Will I sell products from the website?
A: No. Everything will be free for visitors.

Q: What will my website visitors expect to see?
A: Information about online casinos. Information about casino scalping. Up to date information.

Q: Will I have private parts of the site?
A: Admin section.

Q: Will I publish a newsletter?
A: RSS feeds.

Q: How much am I prepared to pay?
A: 200 euro for first year.

Q: Will I be doing it myself?
A: Yes. I will use Drupal.


  • Website with all information needed for casino scalping


  • Configure Drupal CMS
    • Setup CMS
    • Create Content
    • Check everything
  • Add "bookmark sites" banner link
  • Create logo DONE
  • Get second site for hiding
  • Find someone for blogging (axl)


Search Engines

  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • MSN


  • Google adwords

Article Promotion

  • Write documents in docstoc
  • Post video in youtube

Feeder Sites

  • Own sites
  • Directories
  • Newsletters / Ezines


E-mail marketing

  • send e-mail to "friends"

Link Exchange

  • add site to
  • Link exchange websites

Banner advertising

  • Free
  • Not Free
    • : 0.10 euro CPM

Monetization - Affiliate


  • Google analytics

Useful Links

Useful keywords

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