Database Interview Questions

General Questions

Question : What is SQL?

Question: What is SELECT statement?

SQL Select Examples

Question: How can you compare a part of the name rather than the entire name?

Question: What is the INSERT statement?

Question: How do you delete a record from a database?

Question: How could I get distinct entries from a table?

Question: How to get the results of a Query sorted in any order?

Question: How can I find the total number of records in a table?

Question: What is GROUP BY?

Question: What are MAX and MIN functions used for?

Question: What is the UNION operator used for?

Question: What is the IN operator used for?

Question: What is the difference among "dropping a table", "truncating a table" and "deleting all records" from a table?

Question: Difference between a "where" clause and a "having" clause ?

Question: What's the difference between a primary key and a unique key?

Question: What are cursors? Explain different types of cursors. What are the disadvantages of cursors? How can you avoid cursors?

Question: What are triggers? How to invoke a trigger on demand?

Question: What is a join and explain different types of joins.

Question: What is a self join?

Question: What are the difference between DDL, DML and DCL commands?

Specific Questions

These questions use the tables for examples.

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