Code Reading

Author: Diomidis Spinellis
Publisher : Addison-Wesley Professional
ISBN : 9780201799408
Pages : 528
Level: Intermediate


In a previous job, I was given a huge repository, with thousands lines of code and I was asked to start fixing bugs and implementing new features. In the beginning this task looked like my worst nighmare!
This book trully helped me overcome this obstacle.


The book starts with some basic programming elements (chapter 1). The main language used is C/C++ in the examples given. The following three chapters (chapter 3,4,5) continue with advanced C theory.

Chapter 6 gets into the point. Tackling with large project. It starts by explaining how to examine the source code of a large project with a nice examples of a huge projects (and of course open source), like apache and NetBSD and then explains how these projects are build (makefiles) .

Chapter 7 …

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