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Posted on 10 Oct 2011 07:01


Windows 8 Developer is now available for download and use. It is in prebeta at this stage meaning that it should only be installed on a computer that is not being use for other reasons. Here are some more details on the release.

First of all anyone can legally download and install this right now. This is the time to try out all of this on that spare computer. It must have graphics that are high enough to handle the operating system.


If you wish to test it on a tablet, then you must have a tablet that has a minimum requirement for specs. The display must have a 1024 by 600. Most tablets today come with that. The aspect ratio should be 16:9 in order to see the operating system at its best.

Desktop or Laptop

When you install the Windows 8 operating system on a desktop or laptop you must have these minimum requirements. Any 32-bit or 64-bit computer must have at least 1GB for the 32-bit computer and 2GB for a 64-bit system.

What is it Like?

It includes a brand new API to develop applications for Windows 8. It is based on html5 and JavaScript. This is quite a switch for those who have spent years on the prior system that was connected to Visual Studio.

Some have had a negative reaction to the issues at hand with this new release. Most feel that it is unstable and inferior. The truth though, is the fact that the new direction is a huge step in the right direction. Everyone knows that Silverlight had serious issues. Microsoft helps to improve this with the release. The new system is better because it leaves behind the issues of the prior system with DRM video. Applications running on HTML5 work really well because the JavaScript bridges the gap for the interface to work in a more effective manner. The code should run faster without the prior issue of compatibility. That is huge for those who had issues with the prior release. The question that remains is the issue of speed. Will it do all of this faster? While it is still in prebeta, this is one question that has yet to be answered.


  • The start menu is gone with Windows 8.
  • The Spell Checker is in all aspects of the Operating system
  • The layout of the system and folders in a tabbed system that makes Windows 8 visually based.
  • Windowed tabs are gone forever.
  • Touch Screen is emphasized over the mouse.
  • Windows 8 loads far faster.

The interface does include an option to go back to “classic mode” as Windows 7 had. The difference is that “classic mode” that it offers is based on Windows 7. If that was a good experience, then you should not be bothered at all by the change.

Windows 8 offers some improvements and some new changes that might be a bit disconcerting. You can download Windows 8 developer now for you to try out and see for yourself.

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