Five ways for using tutorhub efficiently

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Posted on 30 Apr 2012 14:19

Tutorhub is a website that provides tutoring services over the Internet. It started some time ago, around 2007, and has been established as one of the best websites for home tutors. This article presents five ways that people can use tutorhub efficiently.

1. Don't be afraid to try it has a money-back guarantee, so you shouldn't be afraid to try working with some tutors. If the tutoring lessons didn't go as expected, will arrange for a full refund. This is great, especially for people that are reluctant in using these kind of websites.
Furthermore the website has child safety policies and procedures to ensure that your child can use the website without any concerns.

2. Try the Q&A Board

Before trying to find a tutor you should try the Q&A board. It's easy to use and most important it's free! So if you have a simple problem you should try posting the problem in this board.
For example if your have a simple maths problem such as 5(x-3)+3(x+2)=7x you could find the answer in the Q&A board.

3. Ask your question

It's very easy to get started. You just ask your question and a tutor will offer to help. You then decide on which tutor to use and start tutoring! You should first check their profile, their rate and subject expertise.
You should remember that tutors are real persons that live normal lifes. So it's better to ask during normal hours (UK time) to get fast responses.

4. Find a tutor

If you prefer to choose your tutor before asking your question(s) you can easily do that. You should always check the following before choosing your tutor:

  1. Their hourly rate.
  2. Their profile.
  3. Their latest activity. Maybe they are good but not so active in

+5. Ask if not sure is well know for their customer services. So if you are not sure just send them an email or even call them. They will more than happy to help you immediately.

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