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Posted on 15 Feb 2012 14:06

WordPress is the new rave for Internet marketers seeking to develop their potential customer base, as well as establishing their expertise on products and services. With WordPress being the new “rave” for the internet marketing community, it also proves advantageous to greedy hackers and anyone who wants to destroy all your hard work. Some hackers have become so sophisticated that it literally takes someone with great knowledge to thwart their hacking efforts.

The following list is plugins that help strengthen the security level of your WordPress website:

Invisible Defender

This WordPress plugin protects your login, comment forms and registration from what is called spambots by adding extra security fields hidden by CSS. Where no plugin is one-hundred percent fail proof, Invisible Defender gives the most protection possible on the market.

Secure WordPress

Secure WordPress aids in securing the installation of your WordPress. It removes error information on the login page, removes the wp-version (not in the admin area) and adds index.htl to the plugin directory.

AskApache Password Protect

This program offers secure password protection to your blogs on WordPress. It protects your wp-admin directory but also your wp-content, plugins and content.

WordPress Database Backup

Provides database backup by creating backups of the core WordPress tables and other tables you wish within the same database.

WordPress Security Scan

WordPress Exploit Scanner will scan your WordPress installation for vulnerabilities while suggesting correctives measures. Added features include Checking passwords, scans blogs, database security, WP version hiding and file permissions.

WordPress File Monitor

This program consistently monitors your WordPress installation for deleted/changed or added files. When the plugin detects these changes, you will be contacted via an email notification sent directly to your email address.

WordPress Exploit Scanner

WordPress Exploit Scanner searches through all files on the website, comment and posts tables in your database for anything appearing suspicious. It also checks your active plugin list for anything with weird file names.

WordPress Firewall Plugin

This plugin thoroughly investigates web requests with heuristics in identifying and stopping most vicious attacks. There are other strong, generic modules that perform the same function as WordPress Firewall Plugin. Where they offer the same functions they prove difficult to configure and are not always installed on web servers.

Admin SSL

Admin SSL plugin successfully secures WordPress admin pages and login. It supports SSL setups while encrypting all cookie contents.

Force SSL

If you have SSL certificates on your site, this plugin forces an HTTPS connection for security. Force SSL redirects requests made through regular old http with requests for new https.


Wp-dephorm protects against phorm. Its security entails setting cookies to opt out of phorm information mining. The viewers of your blogs will not have any of their information stored or used in any marketing campaigns while viewing your website.

Replace WP-Version

Secures your WordPress installation and eliminates the wp-version that appears on your website.

On a final note

WordPress has already proved safe, but not, unlike other websites, no matter what platform you are using, you should ensure it is safe for your readers and business. The website should be built on a .htaccess file as a standard security measure.

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