How Google is Changing the Mobile Search Marketing Game

Blog » How Google is Changing the Mobile Search Marketing Game

Posted on 14 Nov 2011 08:32

In September of 2011, Google announced that they would be releasing some changes to the way Google categorized mobile searches. The first big change for web-based companies is the fact that Google will now be judging your site, and providing top search results for mobile users based on how fast a web’s mobile site interface is.

For many companies who have yet to update and upgrade their mobile usefulness and layout, they may find that they will get left behind if they don’t take the time (and money) to update their sites. Now! Experts in the field suggest mobile optimizing landing pages, especially for those that use Ad Words in order to maintain continuous results in Google searches. Google has been clear that mobile optimized landing pages will have more traffic driven to them than those that are not.

And as always with Google, the quality of these mobile optimized landing pages is important as well. Last year, Google began limiting mobile search results that bounced to high flash pages because the quality and speed of loading these pages on mobile devices was less than what mobile users expect. Currently, mobile pages should land and load in less than 10 seconds and should have features that are easily accessible for touch users.

For webmasters, assessing Google’s ideas of ‘quality’ is the constant denominator in successful web marketing. Everybody knows that Google rates a site based on quality, but with algorithm, constantly changing it can be hard to keep up. However, now it seems that in the mobile search market, quality has a lot to do with speed, and of course Ad words. Google also has this to say when it comes to mobile search engine marketing and high site rankings.

“A Quality Score is calculated every time your keyword matches a search query — that is, every time your keyword has the potential to trigger an ad. The Ad Words system calculates a Quality Score for each of your keywords. It looks at a variety of factors to measure how relevant your keyword is to your ad text and to a user’s search query. A keyword’s Quality Score updates frequently and is closely related to its performance. In general, a high Quality Score means that your keyword will trigger ads in a higher position and at a lower cost-per-click (CPC).”

Add those requirements to the newest trend in producing sites (mobile and otherwise) with speed and you have a recipe for receiving high visibility with your customers utilizing Google.

The best word of advice for those interested in being part of the mobile search engine marketing game is to optimize your site for mobile. Sooner than later. Recent trends predict that with the high usage of mobile browsers, Google will soon be spending a lot of time giving Quality Scores for the mobile optimization of your site. In fact, recent statistics show that today mobile browsing is on the brink of making computer-browsing quality obsolete.

Frank Anderson is a marketing and technology blogger. He also works with web hosting and other Internet technologies.

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