Blog Title

The title of your next post is the main factor that people use to determine whether they’ll read your next post.


  1. Communicate a Benefit
  2. Create Controversy or Debate
  3. Ask a Question
  4. Personalize Titles: Using personal posts instead of general theory.
  5. Use Keywords: So that users can find you easily from search engines. More about keywords in the SEO - Keywords.
  6. Use Power Words: Words like free, stunning, discover, secrets etc.
  7. Make claim and Promises: Make sure you keep your promises in the posts.
  8. Consider Title Updates: But always keep the original URL.
  9. Write for Readers First and Search Engines Second.
  10. Learn what Works and Repeat it: The more posts you write, the more you will begin to learn about what works and what doesn't work. When you find a format that works keep it.
  11. Don’t Oversell Your Post: Otherwise you might end up disappointing your readers.
  12. Numbers and Lists: One of the most successful types of posts
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