Blog Mistakes
  1. Giving up too early: Blogs take time to take off. You need to be patient and persistent.
  2. Say what everyone else is talking about: Say something unique and share your opinion.
  3. Not using your own domain: You need to have the ultimate control of your blog.
  4. Irregular Posting: It is not important to post every day. It is important to establish a frequency of publishing.
  5. Being too apologetic: Do not apologize if you didn't post for a while. Apologize if you made a mistake or you said something wrong.
  6. Focusing more upon Quick Traffic than Loyal Readers: It is more important to establish loyal readers.
  7. Clutter: Too many buttons, widgets, navigation elements.
  8. Great Posts without Great Titles: There are many ways to have a great [[blog title]]
  9. Not Defining a Topic: You have to have a well defined topic or target for a specific group of people.
  10. Choosing a Topic you have no Interest in: If you do not have a interest on your topic you will give up eventually (number 1).
  11. Too many Ads: Give emphasis to your content and building loyal readers first.
  12. Not Being Useful: Keep in mind that you always need to solve a problem. Otherwise people will loose interest soon.
  13. Writing for Search Engines Before Humans: Your readers are your first priority, not search engines.
  14. Checking your stats all the time: You will loose focus if you check your stats all day.Emphasize on your content.
  15. Link Baiting with Personal Attack: This might get you some quick traffic but you cause you no good eventually.
  16. Not Selling Yourself: One thing I don’t think many bloggers get is the power of blogs to sell yourself as a blogger.
  17. Thinking You Have to Know it All: One of the best things about blogs is that they’re a great medium for involving your readers in the process of learning. Leave space for others to interact, share what they know and contribute.
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